Middle and More Coffees

Middle & More Coffees hosted by the WMSPTO provide monthly opportunities for parents to learn together on current, discussion-worthy topics related to parenting middle-school youth and time to meet with WMS Staff regarding curriculum.

During the 2020-21 school year, we will be meeting via zoom on ways to support our middle schoolers as they go through these important developmental years and difficult time during the pandemic.

If you have ideas on topics you would like to discuss or learn more about, please email: WaylandMiddleSchoolPTO@gmail.com

 Topics explored in the 2019-20 School Year:

  • Evidence-Based Strategies to Support and Empower Children When They Feel Anxious with Dr. Lauren Santucci, McLean Hospital.
  • MetroWest Health Survey and Vaping 101 & Current MA Ban with Jason Verhoosky (WaylandCares)
  • Discussion of Key Themes in the 2018 MetroWest Health Survey with a Focus on Negative Trends in Mental Health Stats presented by Sejal T. Srinivasan, with Jason Verhoosky (WaylandCares), Betsy Gavron, Richard Whitehead (Director of Student Services),
    • Access the mental health stats discussion document here
    • Access the Data Presentation by Wayland Public Schools and Wayland Cares on the 2018 MWAHS on 10/28/19 here
    • Access the full 2018 MWAHS Report for WMS here
  • 7th & 8th Parent Grade Check-in with Cluster Leaders and Betsy Gavron
  • Math, Science, World Languages and Placement Process with Department Leaders and Principal Gavron

    Topics explored in the 2018-19 school year:

    • Wellness and Well-being Among Our Students with WMS Guidance Counselors
    • 6th Grade Check-in with Principal Gavron and House Leaders, November 2018
    • 7th & 8th Grade Check-in with Principal Gavron and House Leaders, December 2018
    • Math, Science, World Languages and Placement Process with Department Heads and Principal Gavron, January 2019
    • Body Image, Health and Eating Disorders in the Middle School Years with Dr. Emily Gordon, February 2019. Eating Disorders Handout
    • English, Social Studies and Writing with Department Heads and Principal Gavron, March 2019
    • How to Talk to Children About Race with IDEAS, WMS and Elementary PTOs, April 2019
    • Your Middle School Kid’s Gonna Be Okay: How Parents Can Facilitate Their Child’s Executive Function Development with Michael Delman, CEO of Beyond BookSmart, May 2019 Executive Function Handout
    • Conflict Resolution with Middle School Children with Dr. Lindsay Steinsieck, PSYD, and Shannon Mackey, MSW, of the Human Relations Service, June 2019 Conflict Resolution Handout

    Topics explored in the 2017-2018 school year:

    • Building Resilience in Children with Dr. Jones and Dr. Hurd of Human Relations Services
    • Parenting Your Teen: An Interactive Workshop on Communications with Mark Altman of MindsetGo
    • Internet Safety: Unintended Exposure, Legal Consequences and Protective Measures with Jason Verhoosky of Wayland Youth & Family Services, the Wayland Police and Julie Suratt, Wayland mother of three and journalist
    • Preventative Measures for Stress & When to Worry with Dr. Dossie Kahn of Wayland Youth & Family Services
    • A Sporting Chance: Finding the Right Balance with Youth Sports & Other Activities with Dr. Robert Evans of Human Relations Services
    • Math, Science and World Languages and Placement Process with Principal Gavron and the department heads
    • Talking to Your Kids about the Difficult Stuff- Sexuality, Self-harm, Drinking, Drugs and More with Dr. Dossie Kahn of Wayland Youth & Family Services
    • 6th Grade Check-In with Principal Gavron, House Leaders and Guidance Counselor
    • 7/8th Grade Check-In with Principal Gavron, House Leaders and Guidance Counselors