Parent Enrichment

Parent Enrichment meetings, hosted by the WMS PTO, provide monthly opportunities for parents to meet with WMS Staff regarding curriculum, as well as learn together on current, discussion-worthy topics related to parenting middle-school youth.

Parent and caregiver feedback from the past few years has resulted in switching these meetings to be virtual, which accommodates work/life schedules. Many of these meetings are also recorded and posted on our PTO Facebook page .

If you have ideas on topics you would like to discuss or learn more about, please email:

Meet & Greets with WMS Staff:

  • 6th, 7th & 8th Parent Grade Check-ins with Cluster Leaders and Principal Betsy Gavron (grade specific meetings)
  • Math, Science, World Languages Discussion with Department Curriculum Leaders and Principal Betsy Gavron
  • English & Social Studies Discussion with Department Curriculum Leaders and Principal Betsy Gavron

Topics Explored in Recent Years:


  • Body Image, Disordered Eating and the Impact of Social Media with Dr. Emily Gordon, Psy.D
  • CONNECT: Creating Safe, Healthy and Informed Technology Practices with Jason Verhoosky, Director of Wayland Youth & Family Services
  • Vaping: Clearing the Cloud with Jason Verhoosky, Director of Wayland Youth & Family Services
  • Talking with Youth about Friendships and Relationships with Jessica Teperow, Director of Prevention Programs and Molly Pistrang-Gomes, Youth Education Specialist of REACH
  • Social Skills Group: Youth Together with Kelsey Sanclemente, LMHC, Wayland Youth & Family Services Clinician


  • Coping with the Stress of the Pandemic on Students and Families with Dr. Dossie F. Kahn, Psy.D, Assistant Director, Clinical Supervisor at Wayland Youth & Family Services
  • Screenagers Next Chapter: Uncovering Skills for Stress Resilience with Lindsay Steinsieck, Associate Director at the Human Relations Service (HRS)
  • Creating Inclusive Environments in the Schools with Caroline Han, WPS Diversity & Equity Coordinator
  • Parent Check-in with WMS Guidance Staff and Principal Betsy Gavron
  • Striving to Thrive in 2020-21 with McLean School Consultation Services
  • Reaching Beyond the Post with Jessica Teperow of REACH


  • Evidence-Based Strategies to Support and Empower Children When They Feel Anxious with Dr. Lauren Santucci, McLean Hospital
  • MetroWest Health Survey and Vaping 101 & Current MA Ban with Jason Verhoosky (WaylandCares)
  • Discussion of Key Themes in the 2018 MetroWest Health Survey with a Focus on Negative Trends in Mental Health Stats presented by Sejal T. Srinivasan, with Jason Verhoosky (WaylandCares), Principal Betsy Gavron, and Director of Student Services Richard Whitehead


  • Wellness and Well-being Among Our Students with WMS Guidance Counselors
  • Body Image, Health and Eating Disorders in the Middle School Years with Dr. Emily Gordon – Eating Disorders Handout
  • How to Talk to Children About Race with IDEAS, WMS and Elementary PTOs
  • Your Middle School Kid’s Gonna Be Okay: How Parents Can Facilitate Their Child’s Executive Function Development with Michael Delman, CEO of Beyond BookSmart – Executive Function Handout
  • Conflict Resolution with Middle School Children with Dr. Lindsay Steinsieck, PSYD, and Shannon Mackey, MSW, of the Human Relations Service (HRS) Conflict Resolution Handout


  • Building Resilience in Children with Dr. Jones and Dr. Hurd of Human Relations Services (HRS)
  • Parenting Your Teen: An Interactive Workshop on Communications with Mark Altman of MindsetGo
  • Internet Safety: Unintended Exposure, Legal Consequences and Protective Measures with Jason Verhoosky of Wayland Youth & Family Services, the Wayland Police and Julie Suratt, Wayland mother of three and journalist
  • Preventative Measures for Stress & When to Worry with Dr. Dossie Kahn of Wayland Youth & Family Services
  • A Sporting Chance: Finding the Right Balance with Youth Sports & Other Activities with Dr. Robert Evans of Human Relations Services (HRS)
  • Talking to Your Kids about the Difficult Stuff- Sexuality, Self-harm, Drinking, Drugs and More with Dr. Dossie Kahn of Wayland Youth & Family Services