Middle and More Coffees

English, Social Studies and Writing
Monday, March 4, 9:00-10AM
Department Leaders and Ms. Gavron
Location: WMS Library

If you have ideas on what you would like to learn, please email us at WaylandMiddleSchoolPTO@gmail.com

Thanks for attending the Body Image, Health and Eating Disorders in the Middle School Years on 2/7 with Dr. Emily Gordon. This handout is a terrific resource. Eating Disorders Handout


Below are topics we explored in the 2017-2018 school year:

  • Building Resilience in Children, with Dr. Jones and Dr. Hurd of Human Relations Services.

We learned how to help our children find opportunities for facing challenge- and disappointment. We talked about striking that elusive balance between protecting our children and allowing them to grapple with problems on their own. (June 2018)

  • Parenting Your Teen: An Interactive Workshop on Communications, with Mark Altman of MindsetGo.

We built tangible tools and strategies for better empathic listening and face-to-face communication designed to build stronger relationships with our children. (May 2018)

  • Internet Safety: Unintended Exposure, Legal Consequences and Protective Measures, with Jason Verhoosky of Wayland Youth and Family Services, the Wayland Police and Julie Suratt, Wayland mother of three and journalist.

We learned how to create a safe on-line presence and environment, how to communicate and set boundaries to protect our children from unintended exposure to age inappropriate material and how to be aware of the rise and dangers of sexting. (April 2018)

  • Preventative Measures for Stress & When to Worry, with Dr. Dossie Kahn of Wayland Youth and Family Services.

Dr. Kahn shared strategies on how to create a stress-free home environment to counter the everyday stresses our kids face. We learned how to identify brewing emergencies, when to worry and what protective measures can help de-stress our children’s lives. (March, 2018)

  • A Sporting Chance: Finding the Right Balance with Youth Sports & Other Activities, with Dr. Robert Evans of Human Relations Services.

We learned ways to balance sports and activities with downtime and family time, to reduce some of the stress and frustration caused by over-emphasis on winning and competition. (February 2018)

  • Math, Science and World Languages and Placement Process, with Principal Gavron and the department heads.

Staff shared their overview of curriculum and responded to questions from parents. (December 2017)

  • Talking to Your Kids about the Difficult Stuff- Sexuality, Self-harm, Drinking, Drugs and More, with Dr. Dossie Kahn of Wayland Youth and Family Services.

We tackled how to have the toughest conversations with our middle schoolers, involving guidance, our own values and lots of listening to our children. (November 2017)

  • 6th Grade Check-In: The Transition to Middle School, with Principal Gavron and the 6th Grade House Leaders and Guidance Counselor.

Parents learned about the developmental needs of their sixth graders, especially focused on the social and emotional needs and pressures unique to beginning the middle school journey.  (October 2017)

We at the WMS PTO are excited to learn with you in this upcoming school year!