Volunteer Opportunities


Would you like to be more involved in the High School community and volunteer with WHS PTO? It is a great way to get to know the school, teachers and the administrators.  Please contact us at WaylandHighPTO@gmail.com to volunteer or for any questions!

Board Positions


Manage all PTO activities, providing support as needed. This includes finding/assigning committee members, balancing financial resources, managing the activities of the other Board and Committee members. Interface with administrators, staff and parents to ensure PTO is a useful resource for all. Serve on Town-wide PTO Board.

Vice President

Support the President as needed. Provide oversight to the Career Day (for Junior class) team. Provide oversightt and act as liaison to the Late Night (after prom party) team. Administer the WHS Student Alumni Award to a WHS teacher who made a difference. Ideally, assume full responsibilities of the president role in subsequent year.


Administer annual Budget and funds for a PTO activity such as managing checks and cash, submitting refunds to the town-wide PTO, and administering supply grant process with the teachers.


Take meeting notes at the PTO meetings and distribute the minutes prior to the subsequent PTO meeting for a vote.

Communications Chair

Manage all social media posting including management of external content requests. Share ideas and recommendations to create an efficient and informative website.  Manage and update website with relevant content. Work with WHS administration to ensure communications are timely and aligned. 

Fundraising Chair

Plan and manage the only PTO fundraiser, Gift Your Child. Emphasis is on the beginning of the school year (before school mailing), Back to School Night through early November. Work in conjunction with Communications Chair to drive fundraising efforts with creative marketing to increase participation and contributions. Aside from minimal funds required to fund a few PTO activities, these monies are used to fulfill teacher grant requests.

Parent Enrichment Chair

Organize parent facing discussions, focused on both student well-being/parenting and school curriculum. Interface with parents, teachers and administrators to identify impactful topics and speakers. Prepare speakers to ensure a substantive presentation. Coordinate and facilitate each event.  This role, in particular, is a wonderful way to get to know the school, teachers and administrators!  

Staff Appreciation Chair

Lead efforts in the planning and implementation of the annual staff appreciation events, approximately 6-7 per school year. Collaborate with committee members to develop calendar of events for the year, brainstorm for creative ways to support teachers, and plan within the budget to support all events.  Communicate with committee members to ensure events are on schedule and on budget.

* Committee positions may be added to support any of the roles above

Committee Positions

Career Day Committee

Career Day is an event for Juniors typically taking place in June. It provides an opportunity for Juniors to select five careers of choice for further exploration and the opportunity to meet in small groups with professionals from three of the careers selected. 

Consists of volunteers for three primary activities: (1) obtain students’ career choice preferences (requires some knowledge of manipulating data in Excel or Google Sheets), (2) secure volunteers across all careers and (3) create custom student schedules. The volunteers should identify a team lead to coordinate across all pieces and liaise with WHS administration and the WHS PTO Board. 

Landscaping Committee

Plant and maintain the front native species landscape bed at the front entrance of WHS.

New Family Welcome Coordinator

Manage communication with new families joining WHS to introduce the PTO organization and events. Manage information sheets, Insider’s Guide and be a resource as needed. Organize a New Family Welcome event at the beginning of the school year. 

Staff Appreciation Committee

We love our teachers and staff, and this is a very fun role to show community support and appreciation to all WHS staff members. Coordinate a lunch for teachers before school starts and develop and implement other events throughout the school year. Our goal is to plan one event every six weeks, (~6-7/year).