CHAT hour & WHS PTO Board Meetings

WHS PTO hosts The Completely Helpful All the Time Hour (“The CHAT Hour”) approximately every six weeks.

Let’s be honest – we recognize that parenting during these high school years is tough and brings different challenges (and opportunities!). WHS PTO knows that it takes a village to raise our kids. The CHAT Hour will bring together our WHS parent and staff communities and draw upon outside expertise to engage in impactful conversations.  We will learn from and lean on each other on a range of topics from academic courses to coping strategies. Our Principal Dr. Allyson Mizoguchi and Guidance Department staff will typically be in attendance.

The topics for discussion will be announced in the WHS enews, our Facebook group and listed here.

WHS PTO Board meetings will typically be held right after The CHAT Hour.

2022-2023 CHAT Hour & WHS PTO Board Meeting Dates

CHAT hour
WHS PTO Board Meeting
September 23rd, 8:45 am  Academics: Academic Center, future planning schedule, layers of supports for students (AC, Sped., RTI, Counseling)
October 21st, 8:45 am Extracurriculars: athletics, clubs, performing arts
October 4th, 9:45 am
November 18th, 8:45am  Building highlights and tour. November 1st, 7 – 8:15 pm
January 13rd, 8:45am. MetroWest Adolescent Health Survey Results. TBD
February 9th, 7-8:15pm (Zoom)
March 10th, 8:45am March 6th, 7-8:15pm (Zoom)
April 13th, 7pm
May 19th, 8:45am