Just Like Me

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Parent Volunteers Needed!

This year your child will participate in “Just Like Me”, a program that has been part of the Wayland curriculum for over 22 years. It teaches children awareness and acceptance of people with differences through a series of learning activities that help them understand what it is like to live with a disability. They will also meet people who have these disabilities.

The Just Like Me units are run by unit leaders, volunteers who maintain the unit’s content, train volunteers, introduce the unit in each classroom, and oversee the presentations to students. Most of the JLM class time is spent in small group activities led by additional volunteers. Volunteers participate in a 90-minute classroom session, leading small groups of students through an activity. Prior to this classroom session, volunteers will take part in an hour-long evening training session. JLM strongly encourages volunteer attendance at the training session.

This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to participate in their children’s school learning and to be part of an important program. The success of Just Like Me depends entirely on its volunteers. Participation is fun and rewarding. So please join us!

3rd grade units
Deafness/Hard of Hearing

Blindness/Low Vision

4th grade units
Physical Limitations 

Intellectual Limitations 

Learning Disabilities

Autism Spectrum Disorder

For more information on the Just Like Me program contact Michelle Claussen at happyhollowpto@gmail.com.
The success of Just Like Me begins with you!