Room Parents

Room Parents play a valuable role in each class and it is a great way to get involved with the PTO! Each room parent provides any extra support requested by the teacher, periodically shares information about PTO and school initiatives, coordinates class gifts 2x a year and initiates class meet-ups and play time. If you are interested to become a Room Parent, please contact Kristin Lucas or Jennifer Doody.

2021-22 Room Parent List


Grade Teacher Room Parent Email Contact
K Ms. Niki Duffy Drea Garvey and Corey MacGregor
K Ms. Caitlin Golden Jay Donovan
K Ms. Lauren Kelly Courtney Marzilli
K Ms. Jennifer Root Blair Ramsey
1 Ms. Hannah Anderson Allison Bellingrath and Laura Mellen
1 Ms. Deborah Comer Katie Harris
1 Ms. Meg Haydon Erin Garry
1 Ms. Emily von der Hyde Bonu Mohimen and Erica diRoberto
2 Ms. Lynette Biggs Julie Norton
2 Ms. Elissa Tobin Erica, Paula Scagni
2 Ms. Alison Currie Eliza Mosurick and Ali Hyatt
2 Ms. Stephanie Dines Amanda Glynn
2 Ms. Nicole Huynh/Virginia Whitesides Annie Matthews
3 Ms. Stacey Laudenslager Elizabeth Wuerz
3 Ms. Erinn Paratore Lindsay Carapezza
3 Ms. Katy Walther Devin Murphy, Lauren Grant, and  Kelly Starman
3 Ms. Murphy Kristin Lucas
4 Ms. Michele Fiske Jennifer Doody and Heather Grimmett
4 Ms. Diane Mello Kate Finlayson
4 Ms. Jamie Wood Nadine Hill
5 Ms. Jessica Arees Julie Norton
5 Ms. Darcie Foley Abbey Haber
5 Ms. Jackie Moquin Amanda Glynn and Avital Dagan
5 Ms. Katy Scarpulla Emma Zampese
5 Ms. Liz Wales Jeannine DeFrancesco and Holly Lyng