Room Parents

Room Parents are an important part of your child’s educational experience at Claypit Hill School and a great way to get involved in the PTO. They provide essential help to not only your classroom teacher, but also to the students, the school administration, and the PTO.  If you are interested in becoming a Room Parent in the future please let us know!!

2020-21 Room Parent List

Grade Teacher Room Parent Email Contact
K Ms. Jennifer Root TBD TBD
K Ms. Lauren Kelly TBD TBD
K Ms. Niki Duffy TBD TBD
K Ms. Caitlin Golden TBD TBD
1 Ms. Stephanie Dines TBD TBD
1 Ms. Emily von der Hyde TBD TBD
1 Ms. Deborah Comer TBD TBD
2 Ms. Erinn Paratore/Virginia Whitesides TBD TBD
2 Ms. Alison Currie TBD TBD
2 Ms. Lynette Biggs TBD TBD
3 Ms. Katy Walther/Karen Watson TBD TBD
3 Ms. Emily Mullin TBD TBD
3 Ms. Stacey Laudenslager TBD TBD
3 Ms. Timber Pech TBD TBD
4 Ms. Diane Mello TBD TBD
4 Ms. Elissa Tobin TBD TBD
4 Ms. Jamie Wood TBD TBD
4 Ms. Michele Fiske TBD TBD
5 Ms. Jackie Moquin TBD TBD
5 Ms. Liz Wales TBD TBD
5 Ms. Darcie Foley TBD TBD
5 Ms. Jessica Arees TBD TBD