Room Parents

Want to be a Room Parent? 

A rewarding way to be part of your child’s classroom!
No prior experience is necessary. We’ll provide you with a “how to” guide and address any questions you have along the way. If you’re interested in being a room parent please fill out this form:

Room Parents are an important part of your child’s educational experience at Loker School and a great way to get involved in the PTO. They provide essential help to not only your classroom teacher, but also to the students, the school administration, and the PTO.

202-2021 Room Parents

Ms. Davis – Room 1 Emily Abel/Michael Kreppel
Ms. Abrams – Room 2 Fatemeh Babazadeh/Nicolette Mascari
Ms. DiStefano – Room 22 Bianca Franiczek/Lisamarie Annunciata
1st Grade
Ms. Mohr – Room 6 Kate Sambuco
Ms. Wyner – Room 3 Gina Anderson
Ms. Germaine – Room 4 Lauren Crimmin
Rebecca O Murchadha Stuti Bhargava
2nd Grade
Magaly Kaczmarzcyk – Room 5 Courtney Conery
Ms. Powers – Room 9 Kerry Kaufmann
Mr. O’Donnell – Room 10 Suzanne Thornfeldt/Tyler Castagno
3rd Grade
Ms. Pimentel – Room 15 Patty Chung
Ms. Furey – Room 14 Stacy Anderson
Ms. Rice – Room 13 Stuti Bhargava
4th Grade
Ms. Olivier – Room 16 Michelle Collin/Kristen Babineau
Ms. Ciavarro – Room 17 Meeta Patel/Jonathan Isenberg
Mr. Kinsella – Room 15 Kelly Wheeler
5th Grade
Ms. Sole-Robertson – Room 20 Jenn DiStefano/Bethany Bergeron
Mr. Moynihan – Room 21 Patty Chung