Gift Your Child Donations in Action

Every year the generous donations from Gift Your Child provide resources that enrich the learning experience for our middle school students and support the staff and parent community. We touch upon many aspects of the school environment and your child is sure to have benefited in some way!

WMS PTO invested $27,000 into Wayland Middle School in the 2018-19 School Year! Read below to learn more about these, as well as the other uses of your donations to Gift Your Child.

2018-2019 School Year Grants

During 2018-19, WMS PTO invested $27,000 to Wayland Middle School to support students, staff and our community. We are excited to fund materials to support the curriculum across all subjects, TAG activities, field trips, student clubs and the METCO program.

Our objective this year was raise enough money through our Gift Your Child fundraiser to not turn away a single grant request due to insufficient funding.  We’ve accomplished this because of your generous donations. Thank you! Our children will reap the benefits!

STEM Curriculum:

  • $5,000 kits to build and program computers. Students use a computer on a daily basis, and yet many do not know how they truly work. These computer kits help students learn the components of a computing machine, build a physical device following visual instructions, study elements of circuitry, work cooperatively to solve problems, and employ various programming concepts. Read more about the Piper Classroom Computer Kit here.

  • $2,700 digital cameras for 8th Grade Earth Science.


Class sets of shockproof/waterproof digital cameras for project-based learning curriculum and STEM lab conclusions.


ELA Curriculum:

  • $3,000 classroom library refresh.

Every year, WMS PTO gives staff money to purchase the latest books to keep content fresh and interesting for our students!


  • $1,200 e-books and audiobooks for METCO Kindles. These provide access to literature in various forms to help support and improve students’ literacy skills and improve their overall experience as readers.

Social Studies Curriculum:

$500 8th Grade Community Service.

Every year, our 8th grade students select a community service activity, whether it’s reading to younger students, preparing food for those in need, etc.



TAG Groups:

  • $1,200 community service sandwich making project, a 25 year tradition.  Before the activity, students are educated about the project, the need of those who are receiving the sandwiches and encouraged by their teachers to continue to try to make a difference in our community.

  • $340 ping pong net and paddle sets.

Homerooms and TAGs groups are always looking for playful ways to build connections among students.  With this easy to set up game, students can have a vibrant morning social time centered around ongoing ping-pong tournaments.  The game can played in quick low score rounds. It is inclusive, fast moving, and a great match for active middle schoolers indoors.



Field Trips:

  • $600 backpacks to carry health room supplies.

Our teachers “carry the weight” despite weather and activity on all field trips of first aid supplies, basic hygiene supplies, paperwork and epi-pens and inhalers for students.

  • $520 helmets, bicycle parts & supplies and distance marker signs for Walden Pond Trip.

Many of our students benefit from additional skill development in preparation for the beloved Walden Pond bicycle trip!


  • $100 8th Grade DC Trip gift to a Goldstar family from Wayland as a part of their visit to Arlington Cemetery.

Student Clubs and Activities:

  • $3,600 Gym Equipment for AM/PM Wellness. Together with the Wayland Public Schools Foundation, we helped the WMS Wellness Center stay current and constantly be on the cutting edge of wellness initiatives that define successful programs with the addition of new treadmills, ski ergometers and bikes.
  • $500 Science Olympiad supplies.This grant money helps students to compete in the state meet, regardless of their personal ability to purchase materials. WMS has placed 9th in the entire state!
  • $450 Rocket Club supplies. Every year, we purchase supplies ranging from rockets to controllers to launch pads to igniters — basically, items that make the club a blast!  Rocket Club continues to be a popular club among students.
  • $215 6th Grade Social, MAKER Club, House Day, Library Lunchtime Drop-in supplies.


These supplies help all faculty support co-curricular STEAM endeavors.



  • $160 * NEW CLUB! * Calligraphy Club supplies.  A sixth grade student has an interest in calligraphy, asks a teacher to be an adult sponsor, we buy some starter supplies, and voila! A new student club is started!


Historical Overview of PTO Expenditures


Resources for Clubs, Music and Arts, Inclusive Classrooms, Learning and Cultural Enrichment


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Community Enhancement

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