Parent Resources



  • Public school teachers, as municipal employees, may not accept gifts valued at $50 or more.  Nor can staff members accept (from one family) a number of smaller gifts which together are worth $50 or more.
  • A teacher accepting a gift of less than $50 from a current student may be required to disclose that gift if it creates the appearance of a conflict of interest.
  • A teacher may accept a group gift of up to $150 per year from his or her class as long as the gift is identified as being from the entire class, and the identity of the contributors and the amounts given are not identified to the teacher.  In addition, no individual family may make a contribution of $50 or more to a group gift.
  • Gifts of $200 or more to individual classrooms, schools, or the district require School Committee approval and acceptance. Gifts of less that $200 may be approved and accepted by a principal or the superintendent.
  • The School Committee policy recommends:  “In lieu of gifts to individual teachers, parents are encouraged to make contributions to school support organizations such as the PTO, CAPA, Boosters, and the Wayland Public Schools Foundation.”
  • Finally, many teachers truly experience “Thank You” notes as one of the best gifts they can receive.