Wayland Middle School PTO

Welcome Wayland Middle School Families! We are excited to work with our school staff and parent community to enrich our children’s experience at WMS. We hope you will leverage both our services and the resources provided on this website.

What We Do

WMS PTO works to enrich the learning environment for our school community.  With the breadth of financial support and activities we provide, your family is sure to benefit directly. For the 2021-22 school year, WMS PTO is budgeted to contribute $27,000 into our school with the following objectives:

  1. Support our students’ academic and extra-curricular learning through financial support and volunteer time
    • Learning materials including classroom library books, STEM and social-emotional development materials
    • Resources for Music and the Arts, such as Yoga Dots for Drama, art books
    • Materials for Student Clubs including Rocket Club, Chinese Club
    • Cultural Enrichment with guest authors, musicians, and artists
    • Inclusive Classrooms with alternative furniture, Kindle Whispercast technology
    • Volunteers and meals for Grade-Level Trips parent volunteers and snacks for Walden Pond bike, Cape Cod and Washington, DC trips
  2. Partner with and show appreciation for our WMS staff  
    • Meals and other events to show our staff how much we value their amazing work
  3. Build community and provide resources to parents
    • “Middle & More Coffee” seminars to learn together about current parenting topics
    • Free online family directory
    • Opportunities to gather, adding to the school’s enriching, family-centered environment and to stay involved with the school
    • Beautification of our grounds and support of Green Team activities

What You Can Do

There are many ways that you can support your child’s educational experience through the PTO:

  1. Donate to the WMS PTO with Gift Your Child. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit and all of our funding comes from our parent community.  Every penny raised goes ONLY to WMS for the benefit of our students, staff and parent community. In fact, we are the only organization that puts your money to use only at WMSSo no need to sell gift wrapping or popcorn, simply donate here.  Our goal is to have 100% of the community participate in supporting our children’s learning, at whatever level is meaningful to each family.
  2. Join the WMS PTO Closed Facebook Group We will include weekly updates in the Monday Morning Minute, but additional details, photos and videos are shared on Facebook. Stay in the loop!
  3. Update your information in our new online family directory, Membership Toolkit Gain secure access to contact information, no more printed directories.
  4. Check out other ways to support our schools. Daily activities support our schools; shopping at Stop & Shop and Amazon, disposing of old linens.