Late Night

Late Night is a decades old tradition at Wayland High School.  It is a fun celebration held in the WHS field house after prom that is designed to keep our students safe on Prom night.  The event is open to all WHS Seniors and prom goers, with the objective of keeping these students in one place and off the roads after Prom in order to keep them safe!  Senior parents plan and run the event, and underclass parents run Pre-Prom and chaperone the event.

Saturday, April 30 marks the return to Wayland of a time- honored high school tradition: the Prom!

The Class of 2022, who have lost so much to this pandemic, will finally get to celebrate together at the first Wayland Prom since 2019. We are hoping to bring back Late Night for the Class of 2022. It is a large undertaking in a short time, but we believe this tradition is important not only to the Class of 2022, who has led our High School through two years of pandemic challenges, but to all the classes who follow and will get to enjoy these traditions in the future.

Our goal is to raise $18,000, which will allow us to cover all of our event expenses so that these children can attend for free.

Below is information on donations to support the event, and registration (required!) for students who are attending.


This event is entirely funded by tax-deductible donations from WHS parents and local residents and businesses.  Please help us make Late Night 2022 a memorable event by making as generous a donation as possible.

You may reach the 2022 Late Night Chairs at for more information or to volunteer!  Please consider helping out this fun, substance-free event for our children.

Donate as a family or a business using the buttons below.​

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Registering for the event:  Registration is required at for Late Night attendance. WHS Seniors are responsible for informing their guests to register. Also, PLEASE SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER at for one of the many tasks involved in preparing for and running Pre-Prom and Late Night. In addition to senior parent volunteers, it is a time-honored tradition that underclass parents run Pre-Prom and chaperone Late Night so parents of students attending can enjoy this special day with their student. Underclass parents volunteer whether or not their sons/daughters are attending the Prom/Late Night. Next year when your student will be attending, underclass parents will step up for you!

Please review the rules and note the Zero Tolerance Policy (underlined below). It is an exciting time and we hope all plan on enjoying an alcohol and substance free evening.

  • Late Night is from 11:30 PM – 2:30 AM. Attendees must check-in by 12:30 AM.
  • If a registered attendee has not checked in by 12:30 AM, parents/guardians will be called and/or texted once. No further attempts will be made to reach the parents.
  • Liquids/substances/products/containers (e.g. nips, Juules, vape pens, candy, water bottles – disposable & reusable, hairspray, etc.) are not allowed.
  • Zero Tolerance Policy – If an attendee possesses or consumes alcohol/substances at Pre-Prom or Late Night, parents, the youth officer, and the high school will be informed. The attendee will forego attendance at Pre-Prom/Prom/Late Night, parents will be required to pick up their child, and appropriate consequences will be enforced.
  • The Late Night bags checked-in at Pre-Prom require a name tag. These bags will be inspected after Pre-Prom by Late Night parent volunteers and be subject to the Zero Tolerance Policy. Also, at Late Night, purses/bags will be inspected.
  • Attendees are not permitted to drive to or from Late Night. Adult (21 and over) transportation is required.
  • An adult (21 and over) must come into Late Night to sign out attendee(s). ID required.
  • Attendees are not permitted to leave Late Night and then come back.