Middle and More Coffees

Middle & More Coffees

We are pleased to release the remaining schedule for the Middle & More Coffees, including a five-part series on wellness. The Wellness Series will be a combination of morning and evening events. Mark your calendars! All events will be held in the WMS Library, unless otherwise noted.

Curriculum Related Topics:

Math, Science, World Languages and Placement Process
January 16, 2018, 8:45 – 9:45 am
We will be joined by department heads and Ms. Gavron for an overview of the curriculum in these departments,  including plenty of time for parent Q & A.

English, Writing Center and Social Studies
February 13, 2018, 8:45 – 9:45 am
We will be joined by department heads and Ms. Gavron for an overview of the curriculum in these departments, including the new Writing Center, with plenty of time for parent Q & A.

Wellness Series:
A Sporting Chance: Finding the Right Balance with Youth Sports & Other Activities
Dr. Robert Evans of Human Relations Services
February 1, 2018, 7-8:30 pm (WMS Auditorium)
Youth sports and other extra-curricular activities can be wonderful shared experiences for children and parents, ones that build skills and character and teach life lessons.  But too often a hyper-competitive, win-at-all-cost emphasis creates stress and frustration.  How can parents promote the best of exposure to various activities and avoid the pitfalls and protect downtime and family time. This program will outline ways to strike the right balance.

Preventive Measures for Stress & When to Worry
Dr. Dossie Kahn of Wayland Youth & Family Services
March 12, 2018, 9-10 am
Learn about protective measures you can take to de-stress your kids. The home environment impacts our kids so learn to create one that can effectively counter the stresses kids face. Learn how to identify an emergency – when to worry! 

Internet Safety: Unintended Exposure, Legal Consequences and Protective Measures
April 30, 2018, 7-8:30 pm
WMS Auditorium

Discussion with Jason Verhoosky (Wayland Youth & Family Services) and Detective Castagno and Officer Bowles (Wayland Police) and Julie Suratt (Wayland parent of three and journalist)

All Parents are Welcome! Please, No Students.

Last year, the WMS PTO screened Screenagers, which raised the question of the impact of digital use on our kids. This year, we switch gears to understanding how we can create a safe environment and experience, and the importance of communication and setting boundaries. The Internet’s ease of access can cause unintended exposure to age inappropriate material that can have far reaching negative implications.

Additionally, the Police Department will share potential legal consequences that all parents should understand, as well as the rise of and dangers of sexting. Finally, Julie Suratt is well versed in these topics through her research for her article, “The Birds and the Bees … and Porn,” which will appear in the May issue of Boston magazine.

Parenting Your Teen: An Interactive Workshop on Communications
Mark Altman of MindsetGo
May 22, 2018, 9 – 10:30 am
Connect, relate and engage with your kids. Empathetic listening and face-to-face communication are integral to building stronger relationships with your kids. Learn from an engaging instructor while collaborating with parents through role playing, modeling and stimulating group discussion. You will walk away with tangible tools, tips and strategies to improve relationships with your kids.

Building Resilience in Children
Dr. Jones and Dr. Hurd of Human Relations Services
June 4, 2018, 9-10:15 am
All parents want their children to become resilient and confident.  But increasingly they find it hard to let their children learn the vital life lessons that come from facing challenge and disappointment.  How can parents strike a good balance between helping and protecting their children and letting them grapple with real-life issues?  This program will offer concrete suggestions for managing this key dilemma.

Any questions or comments may be directed to the coordinator, Sejal T. Srinivasan at sejsri@gmail.com.