CHS PTO November 2016 Minutes

Claypit Hill PTO Board Meeting

November 17, 2016

  • President Holly Landsittel called PTO Board meeting to order at 9:20am at Claypit Hill School (CHS).
  • Members in attendance: Holly Lindsittel, President; Alissa Duffy, Vice President; Elizabeth Shine (Eli), Treasurer; Katherine Bassick- Secretary; Katrin Schliewen; Lainie Loveless; Kathleen Newton; Elizabeth Garcia; Shirra Baston; Meredith Tobe. A quorum was reached.
  • President’s Report

Holly Landsittel started the meeting by welcoming everyone, distributing the meeting agenda and taking a vote to approve the October PTO board minutes.

Review of Events

  • K-2 Movie Night – The movie night went well and was well attended. Bathroom passes were available for children who needed to leave the auditorium during the movie. The passes worked well to manage how many children were using the facilities at a given time. One idea for a future movie night is to offer a short intermission.
  • Book Fair – Expanding the book fair daily hours to better align with after school program, like Base, was discussed. This may provide additional sales opportunities. Staff shift hours to consider is a 2 – 4pm and a 4 – 6pm shift (this timing avoids the 3pm school dismissal as well).
  • Kindergarten Play Date – This event was lots of fun and had a good turnout despite the cold weather. The children enjoy the featured activities.
  • Vision Screening – The 1st – 5th grade annual vision, hearing and BMI screening is going on this week with parent volunteers assisting our school nurse.


Upcoming Events

  • Holiday Gift Drive – The committee has already requested additional names given the strong support of this annual holiday gifts program for children who are currently in Foster Care. Presently CHS has 50 names with 65 CHS families requesting a name to participate. Collection bins will be located in the school lobby and at additional drop off

Upcoming Events, con’t.

locations between November 28 and December 2. For more information contact

  • Prinicipal Coffee– The CHS principal coffee is scheduled for December 8th at 6:30pm. All are welcome. There is a featured talk about Executive Functioning skills by Engaging Minds. RSVP with number of children and amount of pizza slices to
  • School Committee Budget Presentation – Led by Dr. Stein and the Wayland School Committee, this presentation is scheduled for January 11th at 6:30pm . This is an informal question and answer opportunity for parents to learn more about how the budget is developed as well as to provide an informational overview about what comprises the budget. In the meantime, there is a town wide budget meeting in December. Holly to follow-up at the Dec. PTO meeting regarding if this meeting is open to the public.
  • 3 – 5 Movie Night – Movie night is scheduled for January 27th. More information is coming soon.
  • PTO Labels – As background, creative concepts for the PTO logo were developed and passed around for review. The logo creative concepts were designed to help raise awareness for the PTO and can potentially be leveraged for bumper decals, water bottles, tee shirts, signage and etc… as future needs and opportunities arise. Meeting participants today as well as meeting participants at the December PTO evening meeting will have an opportunity to vote on their 3 favorite concepts.
  • Gardening – Katrin discussed ideas for how we will re-establish the garden (next to the front office that was disturbed by the recent renovation) in the Spring. One idea included “bring a bulb to school” day.

GYC Update/Treasury Update

  • The GYC campaign is still a little below the $25 K target to-date. The second push of the campaign is going on and will hopefully inspire more families to participate. There was a brief discussion about how to get more CHS parents to contribute money and feel more connected to the GYC campaign (which serves as the life blood for numerous enrichment opportunities for our children).


December PTO Meeting – The December PTO meeting is scheduled for December 14 at 7pm. Before the meeing ajoured, Holly provided an update regarding the Staff Gift Pool concept that was discussed during the last meeting – in talking with Loker School, they celebrate all staff in the Spring during their Appreciation Day and do not have any December gift pools/events planned. Our CHS room parents do not need to do anything at this point in time. Another idea suggested was the possibility of offering a chocolate bar for appreciation date in the winter timeframe, utilize Volunteer Spot and have Sudbury Farms deliver food to help make it a turn key event.

Meeting adjourned by Holly Landsittel at 10:05am.


Respectfully Submitted by:

Katherine Bassick

PTO Secretary, Claypit Hill School