CHS PTO June 2016 Minutes

Claypit Hill PTO Board Meeting

June 7, 2016

● PTO Board meeting was called to order by President Jean Prince at Claypit Hill School

● Members in attendance: Jean Prince-President, Holly Landsittel-VP, Melissa Bell-Treasurer, Lauren Reynolds-Past President, Members- Mei-Lyn Kingsley, Liz Garcia, Jen Varney, Meredith Tobe, Dana Cooper, Lainie Loveless, Katherine Bassick, Ashley Boyer, Cathrine Kiernan

4th & 5th Grade Survey

Ms. Harvey presented the results of the 4th and 5th grade survey. In general, the staff was happy with the results. The questions ranged from general happiness at Claypit, feeling of safety at Claypit, impression of recess, places to go for help at school, anxiety/worry levels at school, feeling of inclusiveness at school.

There was some commentary about making the survey not anonymous to help those students are feeling anxious/lonely/etc. In addition, there was discussion about doing this at lower grade, asking what kids might want at recess, etc.

President’s Report

Proposed 2016-2017 PTO Budget

Jean presented the proposed budget for Claypit of $57,225 versus $51,525 this year (see Exhibit A in Annual Report). The increases were due to increases in scholastic subscriptions for the kids, increased teacher supplies for those who support the whole school (vs. a classroom), and increased town-wide level activities.

Motion to approve the proposed 2016-17 budget was made by Lauren Reynolds and seconded by Holly Landsittel. All in favor.

Fundraising goals 2016-17

Jean explained the combined elementary school fundraising goals for the year.

Motion to approve made by Melissa Bell and seconded by Lauren Reynolds. All in favor

Proposed slate of officers

Jean presented the proposed slate of officers for 2016-17 as documented on page 5 of the Annual Report. She also proposed electing the Vice President, Alissa Duffy to

the town-wide Board.

Motion to approve made by Meredith Tobe and seconded by Lauren Reynolds. All in favor.

Reserve spending

Jean presented the proposal to utilize $5,000 of the $13,000 in reserve money that needs to be spent over the next two years to overhaul the office space and conference room. The motion to approve was made by Melissa Bell and seconded by Meredith Tobe. All in favor.

There was some discussion about purchasing fans for the classrooms. Ms. Harvey was going to contact the teachers to see who needed fans and get back to us.

The meeting adjourned at 10:13 am by Jean Prince.

Respectfully submitted by:

Holly Landsittel

PTO Vice-President, Claypit Hill School