PTO Roles and Responsibilities

There are many ways to volunteer with the Claypit PTO, no matter what your expertise or interest is, we have something for you!  Serve on the PTO Board, help with fundraising efforts, organize social activities and community events, and support school initiatives.  Read on for volunteer opportunity descriptions.  (For a list of current volunteers, please see the PTO Board and Committee Chair pages.)  We look forward to working with you!

PTO Board


This person is responsible for coordination between the PTO activities listed below and the school as well as overseeing the events below to provide support in any manner necessary. This includes finding/assigning committee members, balancing financial resources, managing communications for the PTO including, but not limited to, eblasts, online PTO webpage, and integration of social media

Vice President

This person serves as a co-president for one year before assuming the full responsibilities of the president role.  The VP is responsible for all the same duties as the president and the role is split out based on a discussion between the VP and President each year.  This person will also serve as the Claypit Town Wide Representative.


The secretary is responsible for taking meeting notes at the PTO meetings and distributing the minutes at the subsequent PTO meeting for a vote.  The secretary is also responsible for forwarding any approved meetings the web master for posting on the Claypit PTO web page.


The treasurer is responsible for managing funds for a PTO activity such as managing checks and cash, submitting refunds to the town-wide PTO, and administering supply grant process with the teachers.

Fundraising Efforts

The PTO runs a few fundraising events every year for the elementary schools. These raise the majority of funds for the PTO and are roles that last for distinct periods of time.  The funds raised go mainly to support teachers by funding supply grants and teacher wish list items.

Gift Your Child (Fall)

This team/person manages one of the two major PTO elementary fundraisers in the fall and works with teams from all elementary schools.  Teams set up tables at curriculum nights, track memberships, distribute paper directories and encourage participant. Another amazing way to participate for a finite time while making a huge impact on the resources of the PTO

Backpack Auction (Winter)

This team/person manages one of the two major PTO elementary fundraisers in the late winter (March) and works with teams from all elementary schools.  Teams collect donations for auction items, create and  distribute the catalog, manage the online bidding process. A fun way to have a huge impact on the PTO!

Book Fair (Fall/Spring)

This team/person hosts the two book fairs at the school (fall and spring).  The team coordinates with scholastic (book fair supplier) for dates and supplies, schedules classroom visits, creates marketing to the Claypit community, manages the staff wish baskets, staffs and runs the registers for the 4 day book fair and sets-up and breaks down the books. This is truly a team effort event and every member is needed! It is a great way to be part of the community and is a blast to run!

Reward Programs (Fall)

The school can earn significant rewards from public programs such as Stop and Shop, and Box Tops for Education. This team will help to sign up people for such programs every fall and help process information to earn the most FREE funding possible for our school!

School Pictures (Fall)

This team/person manages the fall school picture process with Hayward Photography.  This entails communicating with the photo company, organizing volunteers for school picture day, and publicizing make-up day.

Social Events

Bingo Night (Winter)

This team/person manages a “sold-out” social event of the winter. All three elementary schools gather for BINGO in the middle school cafeteria.  The team is responsible for food, tickets, raffle prizes, face-painting and bingo prizes. A fun way for the whole family to have fun and gather across the elementary schools!

Movie Night (Fall/Spring)

This team/person manages the “red carpet” magic for a family fun Friday night movie.  The team is responsible for popcorn, water, movie selection, and glamour on the red carpet! A great community gathering event!

Ice Cream Social (Spring)

This team/person organizes the last community gathering event of the year. Families come together on Claypit’s lawn for some ice cream and music (DJ). It is a great way to celebrate the ending of another school year at Claypit.

Fifth Grade Activities (All Year)

This team/person plans all the fifth grade activities in combination with the other elementary schools. The activities are meant to unite the full class before they arrive in September in the middle school and help with the assimilation process.  The activities are as follows

  • Roller Kingdom (Late Fall)
  • 5th Grade Bash (Late Spring)
  • 5th Grade T-Shirts (Early Spring)

Welcome Committee (Fall/Late Winter)

This team plans the kindergarten popsicle play date before school starts, new family coffees, is willing to be a resource for new community members, and helps the new families to assimilate into our community.

Community Events

Parmenter (All Year)

This team is in charge of Parmenter food pantry donations. Every month the children can bring in one category of food item to help supply our local food pantry. The team is responsible for setting the schedule of food items with Parmenter and delivering the items to the food pantry every week.

Holiday Gift Drive (Winter)

This team/person matches families in the Claypit community who would like to provide holiday gifts for foster care children with a list provided by the Department of Children & Families. The teams collects all the presents and drops them off at the end of the drive. The event usually occurs between Thanksgiving and early December.

Building and Grounds (Fall and Spring)

This team/person coordinates the fall and spring garden clean-up around the school grounds to keep the outside of our building looking inviting.

School Events

Cultural Enrichment:

This team works across the schools to bring cultural enrichment shows to our schools.  Last year the PTO provided the following cultural enrichment opportunities:

  • Bill Harley (
  • Leland Faukner (World of Wonder) (
  • Nancy Bell (Heroines on the Homefront) (
  • Ball in the House (

Just Like Me (Fall/Spring)

This team/person organizes the Just Like Me parent run units in the classroom. Just Like Me is a part of the Wayland Public Schools curriculum presented to third and fourth graders which increases students’ understanding of people with disabilities. The main message of “Just Like Me” is that, regardless of our differences, everyone shares the need for respect, self-esteem, family, friendship, accomplishment, and independence. A disability is only one of the many traits that contribute to making a person the individual he or she is. We learn much more about ourselves and each other from what we can do than from what we cannot do. Through videos, discussion, and hands-on activities, children learn about six particular disabilities and then get to meet and ask questions of speakers with those disabilities. There are four 4th Grade Units and two 3rd Grade Units:

4th Grade Units

  • Physical Limitations
  • Intellectual Limitations
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Autism Spectrum

3rd Grade Units

  • Deafness and Hard of Hearing
  • Blindness and Low Vision

Just Like Me also offers parents an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the third and fourth grade curriculum and work directly with children in the classroom. For each Just Like Me unit, parent volunteers are needed to help run the small group activities for a 90 minute time period. Before each unit begins, parents can attend a one hour Activity Review Meeting to learn about the unit content and the small group activities.  The team organizes volunteers, conducts training sessions, and helps continue this rich tradition in the Wayland schools.

Library (All Year)

This team/person helps the Claypit librarian run the library more effectively by organizing the parent volunteer schedule.  The parent volunteers are assigned to a class time and come to the library to process check-in/out books, straighten shelves, and do various misc. projects.

Lost and Found (All Year)

This person coordinates donation of Lost and Found as well as displaying the items for recovery. Can include Facebook postings or other methods of communicating what is in the Lost and Found.

Principal Coffees (4x a year)

This team/person organizes principal coffees during the year to bring together the Principal and our community.  The team purchases food and helps to market the event to the community.

Room Parent Coordinator (All Year)

This team/person organizes the room parent volunteers, distributes materials on the gift giving policy, and utilizes room parents to communicate with their classes when needed.

Sandwich Boards (All Year)

This team/person helps with communication and marketing of the PTO events by putting up sandwich boards.

School Council (2 Years)

Staff Board (Fall)

This team/person is responsible for updating staff photos each fall. This means adding new staff that have been hired/retired and adjusting teacher positions (ex: grade 3 to grade 2), if needed.

Staff Appreciation (2x Year)

This team/person is responsible for coordinating beginning and end of year staff appreciation breakfast/luncheon’s

Vision and Hearing (Fall)

This team/person is responsible for working with the school nurse during the vision and hearing screening each fall.  The team is responsible for gathering volunteers and organizing training.  This is a very important event as it is often hard to tell if young children are having difficulties in these areas and it can have a great impact on the ability to learn!