Here you will find the contacts for the various PTO committees at Happy Hollow. Contact the committee if you would like to learn how you can get involved. Contact the PTO president to discuss which committee might be best for you.
President Jennifer Pearlman
Vice President Kelley Bradford
Secretary Julie Suratt
Treasurer Melissa Lange
Ways/Means – BACKPACK AUCTION Melissa Hartford
Ways/Means – Gift Your Child Tarrah Zedower
Social Cathy Caulfield
Past President OPEN
Directory Sales Colleen Morneweck
Exterior Bulletin Board Melissa Hartford
Staff Photo Bulletin Board Marchella Lee
Website Erin Mueller
Book Closet Randi Rose
Faculty/Staff Appreciation Jill Zukerman
Library Volunteer Coordinator Debbie Bell
Lost & Found Gayle Gledhill
Fifth Grade Events Chair Pam Bonaguide
               Roller Kingdom Lynn Kennedy & Lori Caddoo
               5th Grade Bash Gayle Gledhill
               Happy Hollow Tee Shirts Ilana Wyner & Amy Conner
               5th Grade Play Debbie Bell & Melissa Mee, Vicky Sin
               Pool Party Jennifer Altreuter
               Memory Book Melissa Mee& Sara Sun
               Slide Show Anna Brooks, Vicky Sin & Molly Foresman
               Beach Party Amy Sullivan Wong
               Class Gift Julie Suratt & Sally Lehr
Garden Team Tave McGrath
Just Like Me – 3rd Lauren Alongi
               (4x per year) Julie Suratt
Just Like Me – 4th Lauren Alongi
               (6x per year) Julie Suratt
New Student Bulletin Board Thia Philbin
Room Parent Coordinator Jennifer Pearlman
My School Anywhere directory admin. Jennifer Pearlman
School Pictures Carla Stafford
Cultural Enrichment (1) Amy Schwartzkopf
Cultural Enrichment (2) Vicky Sin
Holiday Toy Drive (1) Jenny Harding
Holiday Toy Drive (2) Beth Rothschild
World’s Fair/375 Committee OPEN
Book Fair Irene Rideout
Brooke Stein
Halloween Movie Night Melissa Hartford
Talent Show Lead OPEN
       Talent Show Assistant (1) Pam Bonaguide
       Talend Show Assistant (2) Christine Walsh
Bingo Julie Suratt
Stop and Shop Rewards Jennifer Pearlman