Board Members

Our 2016-2017 PTO Board Members are listed below. Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions, comments, or suggestions or to volunteer! (* Indicates Town-wide Board Representative.)
President: Oversees and implements all PTO business, including communication with school principal, town wide PTO and PTO committees  Jennifer Pearlman*  jenpearlman
Vice President: Acts as an aide to the President and perform President duties in their absence. Responsible for PTO communication to the school (i.e. Newsletter).  Kelley Bradford  unnamed
Past President: Advise on process/policy OPEN
Secretary: Record Annual Meeting and general board meeting notes and publish to the board. Manage email database.       Julie Suratt  JulieHeadshot
Treasurer: Manages all funds and signs receipts, vouchers, checks on behalf of the PTO. Manages budget.         Melissa Lange  unnamed
Ways and Means (Fundraising): Oversee and recruit volunteers to execute various fundraising initiatives (i.e. Wrapping Paper Fundraiser)  are focusing on two main initiatives: Gift Your Child and the Backpack Auction. Tarrah Zedower


Melissa Hartford

Social Activities: Oversee and recruit volunteers to execute social events for school (i.e. Talent Show, Halloween Movie night, etc).   Cathy Caulfield