World’s Fair

2017 Wayland Elementary Schools World’s Fair
Saturday, March 25, 2017, 1pm-4pm, Loker School

View photographer Alesia Venuto’s pictures from the 2015 World’s Fair (all rights reserved).

Created to celebrate Wayland’s cultural diversity, the World’s Fair is an educational event that allows families and friends to put together booths representing the best of their culture or a culture they admire.  Each booth contains posters and maps explaining important facts, history and geography of a culture, some crafts or artwork from the culture and a tiny taste of a popular food.  Parent and children volunteers work together to create a cultural experience for World’s Fair visitors that would help the community understand what it might be like to live in that culture.

If you would like to get involved in the 2017 Wayland Elementary Schools’ World’s Fair, we would love your help.  There are three basic ways to volunteer, described below, followed by a sign up link.

  1.     Culture Booths:  You can create a booth with your family and friends or help create a booth with others interested in a similar culture or geography.  The World’s Fair Committee provides a structure for forming your booth, along with the steps required to bring your “culture” to life.  We can fit between 12-15 culture booths at the Loker School.  The cultures that already have volunteers are:
  • El Salvadorean
  • Ghanaian
  • Irish
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Brazilian
  • Canadian
  • Indian
  • Austrian
  • Chinese
  • Armenian
  • Greek
  • Ethiopian
  • Haitian

Volunteer to help with one of these cultures–see the volunteer form below for a list of booths that currently have openings.

2.     Mini Tasting Stations:  Offer “bites” of a particular food or culture.  One year an American tasting station featured mini chocolate chip cookies and an English tasting station had mini fairy cakes.

3.     Management/Logistics (we’ll take anytime you can give and say “thank you”):  Help the World’s Fair Committee with administrative and organizing efforts like distributing flyers (last week of March), creating bulletin boards at each of the elementary schools prior to the Fair (1st week of March), ticket sales the day of or acting as a “floater” helper during the fair.  

If you have questions please email us at!

The World’s Fair Committee

Click here to fill out the 2017 World’s Fair Volunteer Form