Just Like Me


Just Like Me is a part of the Wayland Public Schools curriculum presented to third and fourth graders which increases students’ understanding of people with disabilities. The main message of “Just Like Me” is that, regardless of our differences, everyone shares the need for respect, self-esteem, family, friendship, accomplishment, and independence. A disability is only one of the many traits that contribute to making a person the individual he or she is. We learn much more about ourselves and each other from what we can do than from what we cannot do. Through videos, discussion, and hands-on activities, children learn about six particular disabilities and then get to meet and ask questions of speakers with those disabilities. There are four 4th Grade Units and two 3rd Grade Units:

Fourth Grade Units

Physical Limitations: October 6th and 8th

Intellectual Limitations: November 3rd and 5th

Learning Disabilities:  December 1st and 3rd

Autism Spectrum Disorder: January 12th and 14th

Third Grade Units –

Dates for 3rd grade are tentative, as we need confirmation after PARCC testing dates are decided

Deafness and Hard of Hearing: March 29th and 31st

Blindness and Low Vision: May 10th and12th

This program is largely dependent upon volunteers who supervise small group activities and work directly with the children over a one and one half hour session. Parents are supported with training and the help of experts with them in the classroom.

Meredith Tobe – meredith.tobe@gmail.com