2017 Claypit Hill School Council Representative Candidates

School Council Parent Representative Candidate information is presented below. Please review information and complete your vote at:

Voting is open to Claypit Hill parents and guardians and the voting period will end November 1, 2017, at 5pm. Thank you!


Please accept my application for school council member this academic year. My educational and professional background as an educator provide me with the knowledge base of educational trends that in turn can help support the children and faculty at Claypit Hill School. In addition, through the lens as a school psychologist, social emotional development is in the forefront of my mind, as educators are creating an environment that teaches all skills. It is the ability to think out of the box while balancing the needs of all stakeholders, the District and DESE that fuels my interest in this position. Furthermore, as a parent of two elementary age children (Kate, 4th grade & Jamie, 3rd grade) I am immersed in the day to day life of parenthood, education and supporting them in a holistic way. Therefore, I approach each challenge with my various roles in mind, in order to effectively institute positive change. I would be honored to serve in a position such as School Council given my strong commitment to our school community, education and social emotional learning. Thank you for your consideration and confidence in my ability serve as a School Council Member.



My wife and I believe strongly in the Wayland school system. This is why we moved here in 2010, before we even had children. I believe in doing my part to create a strong community in which we can raise our children, provide them the best opportunities we can, while being fiscally responsible, and have fun along the way. My wife Steph and I have one child, Isabella, who is a TCW alum and currently a kindergarten student at Claypit Hill. We have already seen her grow in the short time she has been enrolled. In our time here, we have grown to truly appreciate Wayland for its community, schools, and people. I am a member of the Wayland Dads group and play in the Men’s Softball league. I work at MathWorks (in Natick) as the Manager of the Software Development Process Improvement team. In this role (and in life), I bring expertise in process improvement, problem solving, facilitation, negotiation, and active listening skills, to mention a few. I would truly appreciate the opportunity to use this skill set to partner with teachers and administration to continue to advance the Wayland school system as parent representative on the school counsel. Thank you for your consideration.



I would be interested in serving as the representative for the school council for Claypit Hill School. I have three children who will be going through the Wayland school system, with the oldest being in kindergarten this year. I have always been passionate about education issues. I have a Master’s of Education, and in my past job I worked closely with Schools of Education around the country to ensure that their teacher education programs aligned closely with state and national education standards. Currently, as a board certified behavior analyst, I also have extensive experience working with students with autism, and have worked with school districts and parents to ensure that my students’ educational goals are being met. Now as a parent myself, I would love the chance to work with the school council on behalf of all students at Claypit, and in Wayland at large, to ensure they continue to receive a high quality education and that any changes are made in a thoughtful way that benefit our students and their families. Thank you for this opportunity!



My name is Melissa Spilman, and I would like to represent you as part of the Claypit Hill School Council. I have two children at Claypit, my daughter Katie is a third grader and my son Dean is in Kindergarten. Since moving to Wayland, two years ago, I have been very involved in the Claypit Hill community; I am a frequent in-class volunteer and this will be my third year serving as a Head Room Parent, and a volunteer in the library. I am also currently the co-chair of the welcome committee for Claypit Hill’s PTO. Before moving to Wayland, Katie attended an elementary school in California where I served in various roles such as a community builder, PTO vice-president and president, as well as, a member of the board. During this time, I worked closely with teachers, staff and parents to cultivate and preserve a strong and effective community where we maintained, improved and expanded our facilities, created and launched new and updated curriculum units, increased enrichment opportunities, and many more things all while working through a multi-phase school transition that included changes to school start time, class sizes and class offerings. This experience, as well as, my involvement in Claypit thus far has given me unique experience for a position on our school council. Aside from my school contributions, I am a trained clinical social worker that has focused my efforts on improving the quality of life for both children and families. I believe that elementary school is a very special time of development where character, sense of self and ideas about the world are formed. Because of this, the time that our children spend at school must be engaging, supportive and challenging, all while preparing them for the next phase of their education. I am passionate and committed to understanding what challenges Claypit faces, what goals we have, and what new ideas we can bring to our school. I want to keep Claypit Hill an amazing environment for our children to thrive in, and I’m hopeful that by serving as one of your school council representatives, I will be able to keep you aware of current school happenings and work together to improve our school.



I am interested in the role of representative for the Claypit Hill School Council and would appreciate the opportunity to serve our community. Elementary school education is the most important learning for our children as it lays down the foundation. I truly believe in a school community that is animated by a love for learning and enriched by a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives would be the best to support such learning. My family has lived in Wayland since 2008 and I have two children. One is a 9th grader at Wayland High School, and the other is a 1st grader at Claypit Hill. I love to work with them, observing how they learn, and finding out what I can do to better support their learning. Part of this comes from my IT management background. I have more than 10 years of successful professional experience as an IT manager. I observe processes and people in organizations, identify the opportunity for continuous growth, create projects based on the opportunity, optimize the resources, coordinate the relationship among stakeholders across various functional teams, and eventually lead the effort to accomplish. Financial planning is a critical part of my work to ensure the cost center stays green to support project operational green. I have past experience working at Bentley University leading application support to school admission, financial planning and many other critical school processes and systems. Hopefully, all these experiences can help me to be successful if I could be granted the opportunity to be a representative for Claypit Hill School Council. I have a flexible schedule and am willing to dedicate time and effort to serve the community.